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Monday, September 5, 2011

This Just In- Im Seeing Lesbians Everywhere!!

Hi Chickies! Guess what?! I have sensory overload....
I'm Seeing Lesbians EVERYWHERE!! I think.....

Yeah, so pretty much since my eyes have been opened to my um, fondness for the fairer sex, :p, I'm seeing lesbians everywhere!

Hot lesbians, Butch lesbians (YUM!), boi lesbians, omg all the girls!!!  Ergo, I have sensory overload. It's like that whole thing where you never see yellow cars until someone points one out, then you see them all over!

So yeah, I feel like my brain is gonna explode a lil bit whenever I go out anywhere now. When before I would just stare at the cute femme looking girl with her tomboyish friend/girlfriend whatever, I couldn't look away, I was fascinated. And I wasn't really sure why. 

(Ok, to be fair, I think I knew, I was just not ready to
go there).

Seriously, guys, I am a reject. When it comes to girls, and even some guys, I am that girl that turns red and starts stuttering when when I see someone I'm attracted to. 

Total spaz.

I was seeing lots of cute girls yesterday too. goth chicks, tomboyish chicks, femmes, butches, oi the girls! I needed a panty change!!

At the mall yesterday with the hubbs, it was slightly embarrassing. Like, I almost needed to wipe the drool away embarrassing. On the upside now, it's fun to girl watch with the hubby now...

Yellow cars, OI. That is my life theses days........

Am I really seeing lesbians everywhere or is it just wishful thinking stemming from long suppressed hormones? ~ALICE

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