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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Is Bi the gateway sexuality?

What up peeps!! So today I've been thinking a lot about how it seems that many, many people seem to think that Bi is the gateway sexuality to being gay. Since discovering that I myself, am in fact, Bisexual, I've been obsessed with researching it more online and finding out everything i can.... I'm a geek like that.

 Big time. 

So it seems like a lot of people think that if someone comes out as bi, they are either in the closet, or are just confuses, or in the case of girls, doing it for attention from men.

Let me just say, I am not Bisexual to get attention from men. I am not, to my knowledge, secretly in the closet. I have my doubts about being Bi vs. a lesbian, but that's a topic for another time. Right now I know I am Bisexual.

I guess i just feel frustrated that Bisexuality doesn't seems like it's accepted in the LGBT community, or really any community. at the least it seems like its sneered at, or laughed at, or questioned.

Why Why Why?

I guess its the same as being questioned about being a lesbian by people who don't believe it, I just don't understand why people within the LGBT community don't seem to be more open minded.  Since the whole LGBT community is about acceptance and helping each other out, I guess Im just confused at to why there isn't more understanding? 

Not to be contradictory, 
I have seen a lot of stories online about lesbians who have either had relationships or gotten involved with bisexual women, only to have their heart's broken.

 While I feel sooo badly for those women, I don't think that all Bisexuals should be treated like they are going to do the same thing.

Is it just that people are trying to explain away something they don't understand?? ~ALICE

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